NAPNAP: Pediatric Nurse Practitioners Continuing Education Online

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Welcome to PNPSourCESM PNPSourCE offers pediatric advanced practice nurses and other pediatric health care professionals an online community to participate in CE activities and earn CE contact hours to meet their licensure and certification requirements.

  • 2013 Pediatric Rx, BUNDLE

    Buy all six courses and SAVE. Six archived modules from the 2013 Conference are available with updates on Pediatric Pharmacology related to respiratory, GI, antidepressants, nutraceuticals, and antibiotics.

  • Breastfeeding: Developing and Maintaining a Milk Supply

    Discuss the environment necessary for a new mother to develop an optimum milk supply.

  • PNP Certification Review Course Manuals

    The review outlines created for the live certification review courses offered at the 2015 NAPNAP Annual Conference are available for purchase. Review outlines for primary care, acute care and mental health can be purchased.

  • Meet Your Pharmacology Requirements

    Check out PNPSourCE's list of courses offering partial and full pharmacology credit, totaling more than 20 hours.

  • 2014 Immunization Update

    Learn more about Immunizations when youparticipate in the online course, 2014 Immunization Update, offering 1.0 NAPNAP contact hour on PNPSourCE.

Course Catalog

Primary CareDomestic Minor Sex Trafficking: What the PNP Needs to Know
Primary CareSIDS Risk Reduction
Primary CareAtopic Dermatitis in Children: Help Your Itchy Kids!
Primary CareDiagnosis and Management of Anaphylaxis in Pediatrics
Primary CareSidelined by Concussion
Primary CareUnder Pressure:Pediatric Hypertension
Primary CareTransition to Adulthood for Youth with Special Health Care Needs
Primary CareDiagnostic Labs: Sensitivity and Specificity
Primary CareImplementation of Evidence-Based Asthma Guidelines In a Pediatric Primary Care Clinic
Primary CareChronic Pain in Pediatric Patients
Primary CareBreastfeeding: Developing and Maintaining a Milk Supply
Primary CareBilling and Coding in Pediatric Practice
Primary CareDiabulimia: Eating Disorders in Type I Diabetics (ED-DMT1)
Primary CareChild Neglect: Assessment and Intervention
Primary CareDecreased Bone Density in Children
Primary CareIntegrating Genetics into Primary Care
Primary CarePediatric Pink Eye
Primary CareHemangiomas and Vascular Malformations
Primary Care2014 Pediatric and Adolescent Immunization Update
Primary CareInsomnia in Children and Adolescents
Primary CareInnovative Therapy for Inflammatory Disorders
Primary CareChronic Kidney Disease: Highlights for the Primary Care PNP
Primary CareCardiovascular Health in Children and Adolescents
Primary CareProphylaxis of RSV in Premature Infants
Primary CareSTIs and HPV: Prevention, Diagnosis, and Management
Primary CareThe Challenge of Providing Breast Milk to Infants in the NICU
Primary CarePreventing and Managing Tick-Borne Illnesses: The PNP Role
Primary CareCare of Infant Skin
Primary CareBack to School TB Screening: What Practitioners and Families Need to Know
Primary CareInfant Touch and Massage
Nurse Practitioner Certification Review Courses2015 Acute Care Review Manual
Nurse Practitioner Certification Review Courses2015 Pediatric Mental Health Specialist Review Course Manual
Mental HealthAdolescent Suicide Risk Assessment
Mental Health Rescuing Childhood: PNPs Imperative Role
Mental HealthBehavior Management and Psychopharmacology in Children with Autism Spectrum Disorder
Mental HealthYouth Violence-part 1
Mental HealthYouth Violence- part 2
Mental HealthChildhood Trauma Exposure and Toxic Stress: What the PNP Needs to Know
PharmacologyVitamin D Deficiency and Acute Lower Respiratory Infections in Children Younger Than 5 Years: Identification and Treatment
PharmacologyAdolescent Contraception
PharmacologyKids on Meds: An Overview of Pediatric Psychopharmacology
PharmacologyPharmacogenomics and Individualized Drug Therapy
Pharmacology2013 Pediatric Rx, Module 1: Pediatric Pharmacology - Whats New?
Pharmacology2013 Pediatric Rx, Module 2: Respiratory Drugs and Treatment of Asthma
Pharmacology2013 Pediatric Rx, Module 3: Psychotropic Medications for Children and Adolescents
Pharmacology2013 Pediatric Rx, Module 4: Pediatric GI
Pharmacology2013 Pediatric Rx, Module 5: Infectious Diseases
Pharmacology2013 Pediatric Rx, Module 6: Nutraceutical and Herbal Use in Children and Adolescents
Pharmacology2013 Pediatric Rx, BUNDLE: ALL SIX COURSES **SAVE!**
PharmacologyPrescribing for Hospital Discharge
Pharmacology Pharmacokinetic Considerations in the Treatment of Pediatric Behavioral Issues
Professional IssuesPublishing, Posters, Presentations
Acute CareAcute Abdomen
Acute CareTransition Challenges in Chronic Care
Acute CareSkin Care of the Hospitalized Children
Acute CareAcute Kidney Injury: Diagnosis and Treatment
Acute CareCritically Ill Patients in Pediatric Surgery
Acute CareChallenging Case Studies
Acute CareHome Post-operative Pain Management: Unintended Consequences
Acute CareA Collaborative Approach to Caring for the Patient with Complex Esophageal Disorders